Here's the website.

Glad to see you could stop by. Make yourself at home and have a look around.

The primary goal of this website is to share with you my game design projects. If you click on the #2 die in the stack, you'll get to the GAMES department, where you'll see a long list of game designs I'm working on. Many of them have pages of their own (the clickable ones), but others are just in the "alpha" development stage and there's really not much to see. There's a PDF "Catalog" that you can download - but it's way out of date.

This graphic is my "showcase" of the hot ones in the catalog - the games that are closest to production, or actually available commercially. Click on the picture to see details about them.

Some of my games are available to buy on line! If you click the #3 die in the stack you can find out how to get a copy for yourself. To learn more about me and my game stuff, click on the #4 die, and the #5 die will lead you to a table of my favorite game-related links on the Interweb. And there there's that Facebook icon; you know what to do there, I presume.

Within each of the Game Pages, you'll see a graphic like the one below. This diagram explains what the symbols mean. If one is not relevant to the game on the page, it will be blank.

I invite your comments and questions! Please send me an eMail, or find me on - my identity there is "Daibhre."

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